Dark Falz Elder

The very first raid-style EQ in the game. According to the story, this big fellow is the leader of all aquatic type Darkers. Personally, he looks nothing like a fish or octopus to me so I don’t know how he managed to get that position. Elder is a very simple boss. He still hits extremely hard so be careful.



A nice little picture of Elder. Here is how I will refer to the parts:

  • 1. Arms: Most of the attacks will expose this red weak point at the arms. These are breakable.
  • 2. Core: After the first four arms are destroyed, Elder will reveal a large body core that counts as a weak point.
  • 3. Upper Core: This tiny core is a weak point that will always be available to hit.

Phase 1

Elder will begin the fight with his arm attacks. You can dodge the swipes and thrusts with proper timing or stepping out towards the edge of the stage. After each attack, the arms will extend and reveal these bright red bars that you can hit. Occasionally he will shoot lasers that travel in a straight path.

Phase 2

After destroying all four arms, Elder will open up his core and go into the background. He will then throw a bunch of ice balls at the stage you can simple dodge. The rest of the fight is similar to phase 1, except he will add some slam attacks you can dodge by staying close to him.

Notable Attacks

Hand Summoning: Elder will do speak and then duck forward a little. This signifies he is about to call down his hands. These will constantly spawn for a while and are more of a nuisance. Stay out of the red circles to avoid these.

Ice Balls: Starting phase 2, Elder will occasionally throw in a random ice ball with his attacks. If a red spot starts sucking you towards it, run.

Giant Laser: Elder ducks under the stage and begins charging a laser from his upper core that sweeps the stage. As stupid as it sounds, stay as close to the upper core as you can. This is the safe spot and becomes a great chance to get in some damage.

Body Slam: Elder will hold onto the corners of the stage and then slam down. You can stop this by destroying an arm. It will probably be best to keep running towards a corner to avoid the middle where he slams.


You want to focus this fight on the arms. As tempting as it is to hit that giant core, you do increased damage to the arms. Melee classes also have an easier time to damage the arms. Simply wait for each attack to end and then destroy the arms whenever you can.


Another way to damage Elder is to inflict shock using lightning Techs. This will make him drop all his arms onto the stage for free hitting. If you do this right, the fight will be over before all the arms are even gone. Good job team!



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